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Nightmare In Your Arms Re-release Campaign

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The Full Story

The majority of this album was written between 2019 and 2021. During that time, I was struggling with major depression and substance abuse. I believe these songs kept me alive while also revealing my innermost thoughts and emotions to me. I have never written something so honest, dark, and beautiful as this record, and I am forever grateful for it's completion. 

I don't remember a lot about the early chapters of this record coming together, but I believe it was summer of '21 when I first envisioned this album. 


Along the way, I sought collaboration from friends and musicians who I had looked up to over the years, including Greg Francis, Abby Gundersen, and Kyle Crane.

After almost a year of production and mixing, I released the album on November 11, 2022, my father's birthday. I dedicated the project to him. He passed away suddenly in 2017 while I was in the middle of my first Crowd-funding campaign for my debut album, "You Are My Sanity". 


Thematically, the lyrics of this album capture emotions like grief, loneliness, insecurity and fear. 


In the summer of '22, Atwood Magazine premiered my single "Awful Time" which would appear on "Nightmare In Your Arms", and I also received positive feedback on the album from some of songwriting heroes. 


Upon the original release of this record on November 11, I noticed a small buzz and a spike in my listenership, but this faded quickly, and by the start of 2023, I felt disappointed that my album didn't achieve more success. 


Several months ago, I found myself feeling stuck. I had this record that I knew was very impressive and at the same time, I was beginning to write tons of new material. Over time, it became clear to me that I needed to commit myself to the business side of music more if I wanted to achieve that dreams I've held since I was a kid. I have come to understand I cannot keep investing in new music with little to no fanbase. 


This campaign is an effort to work with an established and experienced PR team (Pressed) who can help me re-release this album with more traction and to a wider audience. 

I've decided to make small mix adjustments with the original mix engineer, Tyler Cuchiara, and master the album before I re-release the album with a real marketing strategy. I'm looking for a punchier and more approachable sound that might appeal to more listeners. 


Ultimately, my hope is to reach an audience who can relate to my work. I know that "Nightmare In Your Arms" is special and I believe it deserves further investment so that I can begin to build a real fan base. 

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