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nightmare in your arms

Recorded at Brothers Chinese Studios in Oakland, CA with Greg Francis throughout 2021. York's second full length studio album featuring Kyle Crane, Abby Gundersen, and Zachary Sun. 


  • Frame 57
  • Spotify - Negative
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1. phil's blessings feat. Zachary Sun

2. midnight love

3. i wanna dance feat. Zachary Sun

4. in your arms feat. Zachary Sun

5. awful time

6. karen st

7. impossible

8. every time

9. nest

10. bad dream weekend

11. dissolve

12. stranger

13. come and go

14. drowning feat. Zachary Sun

15. just like yesterday

released November 11, 2022

Written, performed and produced by Ashton York

Recorded with Greg Francis at Brothers Chinese Recording in Oakland, CA

Mixing by Tyler Cuchaira

Co produced by Zachary Sun

Featuring Kyle Crane on drums, Abby Gundersen on strings, vocals, and piano, Zachary Sun on piano and vocals, Ronnie and Gina Milne on vocals, and Nico Perez on keys

Additional songwriting from Zachary Sun and Nico Perez

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